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Work smarter with Ping

Being ambitious doesn’t mean working harder. It means using the right tools.

We’ve been taught that working hard will pay off. That’s partially true. More assignments equals more money in your bank account, but it also means more chaos in your everyday life, and hardly anyone can see what’s happening behind the curtain.

Tasks start to pile up

Tasks start
to pile up

Pushing extra hours to meet deadlines

Pushing extra hours
to meet deadlines

Your priorities start to fall apart

Your priorities start
to fall apart

Collaborating is a chore

is a chore

New tools take time to learn

New tools
take time to learn

We’ve been there. Here’s how we fixed it.

Use Ping
Why Ping?

Focus on the simplicity.

on the simplicity.

Why Ping?
Because It's Work, Uninterrupted.

While other apps try to make your life easier, Ping does it. Our goal is to take all those struggles and get rid of them, by giving you the tool that can be as simple, or as advanced as you like. That way, you can focus on the essence of your work, without disruptions.

Focus on the simplicity

Your work comes first

Do your tasks at the pace you feel the most comfortable. Set your deadlines, sort your tasks, and enjoy 100% focus without interruptions.

Your work comes first Your work comes first

Start Delegating

You can assign tasks to another person, or receive them from others. Get updates on the progress, delegate, and connect, with Ping.

Start Delegating

Ping others

Stop wasting time on writing to others. Use quick, premade Ping messages to find out what’s the status of the task, and focus on other things.

Ping others

Work in Groups

Create a Group in Ping, and unlock even more options! Check what other people are working on, prioritize, and have it all on one Group View.

Work in Groups
Get Advanced

Get Advanced

Use the full potential of Ping. No hidden costs.

Clean Slate

Start your day without late assignments cluttering your task list. Ping cleans your Today each morning, so when you launch it, you see an empty board instead of a mess.

Clean Slate Clean Slate

Get Planning

Abandoned tasks it will move around your boards to give you more space. At any point you’ll be able to move those tasks back, once you have some time to complete them.

Get Planning

Email Integration

Say goodbye to manually creating tasks based on the emails you get. Ping lets you make tasks directly from inbox, and star them to see your responsibilities clearly.

Email Integration

It's not all!
We also have:

It's not all

and more.

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See why people love us!

After six months of using Ping, I can't imagine working without it anymore. I gather all the tasks that I have to perform, or delegate them to someone from my team. In my everyday work, the word "I've got it on Ping" is worth more to me than "I'll do it". It gives me and our team members the certainty that we will not forget anything important!


of Montessori Kindergarten

I've been using Ping for about a year. It helps me organize and save tasks, as well as manage my team efficiently. I like the vast usability of the app, as I can use it on my phone, and computer, and I’ll see all my tasks synced up. It’s a very friendly solution for people who spend part of their work at the desk, part of it on the so-called terrain.


Executive Assistant
in Property Development Company

I really love, that Ping has an advanced to-do list builder, and allows you to collaborate with others. The application is so simple for new users, that we managed to implement it in the company without any issues! Now even people with little tech experience, can receive, and perform assigned tasks, and managers can plan work and monitor progress


CEO & Founder
of School in The Cloud

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