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Ping as a tool




Ping is an app like no other when it comes to task & time management solutions. Most apps follow the same, age-old schema:


  • Create an account
  • Invite users
  • Input your projects (by hand/import from other tool or file)
  • Invite every single person to create yet more accounts
  • Every day keep track on the system, update it and have it open


This is, of course, madness and nowhere near how humans work and a big part of why Ping was created. If you with to explore our genesis and rationale a little bit more, you can also see this post.


Ping introduces a drastically different concept to task management. Here’s how we do it.




In Ping, you still create an account. However, the purpose of it is not to extort your data, ask for credit card CCV or send you newsletters. Rather, it serves a technical purpose of allowing you to sync across devices.


The biggest shift compared to other tools is that in Ping you do not need to create accounts for your friends/coworkers/users/customers/et al. Of course it;s still available as an option, but you can mark people as virtual users and delegate them tasks without the hassle of asking every person on planet Earth to sign up for a service that you have chosen.


Accounts in Pin do not require a phone number.





One of the key features of Ping is that you do not have to type tasks manually. Our core feature is creating them automatically based on the e-mails you send. We effectively transform e-mails into tasks, and add smart functions such as suggesting delegations based on recipients or title parsing.


Tasks don’t have to be active or in a backlog all the time. You can snooze them – reserve for later without the need to create and manage custom views. In the coming versions there will actually be 2 kinds of snoozed tasks: ones that are bound to happen (but waiting) and ones that are currently on hold indefinitely.


Tasks can be pinged – upon a single press of a button, an automated message is sent to the task assignee with a question on how it’s going. No need to write them on Slack or create @mentions anymore. Soon these will be automatic, with options to set logic rules.


A separate algorithm will try to help you deal with the most pressing matters in an upcoming Focus tab.



Offline work


Both your activities and the sync function are smart and do not require constant Internet connection. You can work even in the middle of a desert. The process is seamless – you are not pestered with a zillion notifications and warnings about online connection being lost or established.



See Ping in action


If you’re interested to see all of this in action, why not sign up for access to Beta? It’s free, non-binding and grants you an option to help shape the tool to your needs.

Veteran Marketing Manager & Project Manager. Experience both from corporate (Intel, Nikon, ASUS, Huawei), as well as startup sides of the Force. Currently running the Ping community.

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